The Life Story of Henry Hollist
By Eva May Blundell Mander

            My great grandfather was Henry Hollist, born to William Hollist and Elizabeth Braby.  He was born on the 2nd of March 1816, in Amberley, Sussex, England.

            It seems that nothing is known of his early life.  He was a carpenter by trade and following the circular stairs building.  His home in England was at 21 New York Street. Lambeth, Sussex, England.

            He was baptized into the Latter Day Saints church on the 9th of November 1848, he being the first man to be baptized in that town.  He was 41 years old at the time.  He was ordained an Elder by John Banks on the 4th of April, 1849 and was called soon after as a missionary.  He helped found the branch of the church at Shoreham, six miles from Brighton, Sussex, England.  He presided over that branch for some time.  He then was chosen to go to the country to preach on Sunday often being beaten and walking ‘til he couldn’t go any further. 

            He also helped form a branch at Burgess Hill, now known as the St. John’s Common Branch, where he presided until he came to America. While there he baptized over 200 people and blessed nearly 300 babies.  He was also called to preside over the Brighton Branch which he did for three years.

            Leaving Liverpool, they sailed 28 March 1857, taking passage on the ship “George Washington”, with 616 members.  He came to America with J.P. Parks as leader of the company and with him came his wife and two daughters and landed in Boston six weeks later.

            He and his family left Boston, Massachusetts, 2 May 1859, going to Florence Nebraska, now known as Omaha Nebraska.  Again he was called to preside over a branch of the church in Omaha Nebraska.  He and his family left that city 9 July 1861 with 350 members and 62 wagons and came to Utah with the first company with Joseph Horne arriving in Salt Lake City Utah 13 September 1861 settling in Farmington, Davis, Utah where he made his home.  He was made a teacher in Sunday School which he held until the time of his death from 1865 to 1870.

            He married Elizabeth Chandler of Amberley, Sussex, England, daughter of William and Hannah Taylor Chandler on the 25 December 1837.  She was born 31 March 1806.  To this union two daughters and a son were born; the daughters names were Elizabeth and Deborah; the boy, William, who died as an infant before they came from England.  His wife died in Farmington, Davis, Utah on the 12th December 1864, just 3 years after arriving in Utah.

            He later married Frances Berry, daughter of Richard and Sarah Randall Berry November 1865.  To this union two sons were born.  Their names are William Henry and John Taylor.  His second wife also came from England, being born the 17 November 1833, in Cooksfield, Sussex, England.  He met here at Farmington, Davis, Utah.

            He passed away 12 May 1870 and is buried at North Farmington, Davis, Utah.  It can be said of him, “well done thou good and faithful servant.”

(written by his great granddaughter Eva May Blundell Mander, edited for the John Henry Stinger Book)

           This story was sent by Clifford Ard. He came across in while researching an old photograph, and found a book on Elizabeth Hollist and her husband John Henry Stinger and her family. (A copy of the original e-mail, and more information on the book, can be found here). A scanned photo of this portion of the book is also located here. A word document formatted version can also be found here, all thanks to Clif.