Henry Hollist Family Tree:

Henry Hollist, 1816-1870
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Born in Sussex, England - Died in Farmington, Utah, USA
Henry Hollist
The life story of Henry Hollist

Married Elizabeth Chandler in 1837 and had the following kids:
William Chandler Hollist - 1844, Elizabeth Hollist, Deborah Hollist - 1846

Elizabeth and Deborah didn't carry on the Hollist name, and William Chandler died around age two.
Elizabeth wrote a history which contains information about her parents and origins.

His wife Elizabeth died in Dec. 1864 after they had moved to Farmington, Utah, USA

Henry then married Frances Berry in 1865 and had the following kids; which, as far as I can tell, were the only one's to carry on the Hollist name into the 1900's:

William Henry Hollist                    John Taylor Hollist

All of the above were born in Sussex, England with exceptions of William Chandler and Elizabeth, born in Middlesex, England, and William Henry and John Taylor, born in Farmington, Utah, USA

Henry Died just 6 months before his last child, John, was born, and Frances lived another 15 years (he was 19 years older then Frances Berry and 10 years younger then his first wife, Elizabeth).

From Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah: