Origin of the Hollist Name
John & Elizabeth Hollise - 1720 / 1724
Very little is known about John & Elizabeth - birth years are based on christening date. Only known Child is William Hollise
William & Mary (Stears) Hollise - 1746 / 1747
The Hollist name suddenly emerges with William's kids. It's most likely that William changed his last name for unknown reasons. William and Marry had Three Kids:
William Hollist - 1777 Mary Hollist - 1781 Rhoda Hollist - 1772
Married Elizabeth Braby in May of 1800
Little Information known

Married William Westbroke

William and Elizabeth had the following Children:

William - 1801
George - 1802
Henry - 1803
Robert - 1804
Joseph - 1812
Edward - 1818
George - 1825

Little more is known about the above kids other then the noted birth years - many are known to have died in infancy.

William - 1809

Married to Ann with no known Children.

Rhoda - 1806

Married to Robert Braby in 1826 & had 10 kids - none of which carried on the Hollist name; however it's interesting to note where they lived in Amberley, West Sussex, England, and that the Braby family had lived in this area for over 300 years. It's also interesting to point out that Rohda's father, William, was married Elizabeth Braby; which likely means her husband may have been a cousin. The Hollist's had also lived near this area from this time to as far back as we have records.

Henry is the only know ancestor to carry on the Hollist Name.

All of the above were born in Sussex, England. The only one known to have died outside of England is Henry Hollist, who died in Farmington, Davis County, Utah, USA.

I've also found information on a Ruth Hollist who was married to Benjamin Clements in Middlesex, England on Jan 16, 1793, by Parish Heston. If she is part of this line she is probably the daughter of William & Mary (Stears) Hollise, but I have no proof of this. There's information more information on Hollist's in England, as well as other resources that you can help research via Family Search.